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Dermatologic Surgery has undergone many changes over the last two decades. Our specialty has been responsible for the development and perfection of techniques such as Laser Surgery, Minimal Incision Face Lifts, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Botulinum Toxin Treatments, Filler Therapy, Liposuction Surgery, and Hair Transplant Surgery. Recent advancements in light-chemical interactions has also led to the development of photodynamic therapy, a versatile treatment which can improve your skin texture, diminish acne lesions and even reduce the numbers of skin precancer growths.

So as you can see Dermatologic Surgery has been at the forefront of many important medical breakthroughs.

We hope you enjoy visiting with us and learning about what your local dermatologic surgeon has to offer. Please visit us again as we will be adding links to procedures and who performs them in your area.