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Qualifications for General Membership

General Member: Any physician licensed in any state who has passed a nationally recognized specialty board approved by the American
Board of Medical Specialties in Dermatology, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery or Ophthalmology; an ABMS
subspecialty certification in dermatopathology, or has completed at least a 3 year ACGME or a 3 year American Osteopathic Association
approved specialty residency training in one of these fields, shall be eligible for membership as a general member. General members
shall have all the rights as fellows, except that they shall not be eligible for elective office. A letter of recommendation from one member
of the Society shall accompany the official application. General members may identify themselves as a General Member of the Society.
General members shall pay all dues and assessments as approved by the Board of Directors and shall be obligated to observe all bylaws
and administrative regulations of the Society.

With your application please submit 1) a photo 2) $75 Application fee 3) $295 for annual dues.